Prof. Rene Ong Tapped as Co-spokesperson of CTA Consortium

In September of 2014, Professor Rene Ong of the University of California, Los Angeles was elected as the next Co-Spokeperson of the international Cherenkov Telescope Array Consortium. Together with Professor Werner Hofmann (MPI-Heidelberg),  Prof. Ong will serve in a leadership role helping to guide the direction of the Consortium and communicate our progress and exciting developments with the world.   2015 is an important year for CTA with a number of key milestones planned - in particular, the selection of the CTA sites, the completion of the Critical Design Review, and the formation of the binding agreement between the various parties to build CTA. The organizational aspects of CTA are challenging, given that the Consortium now comprises 1,200 scientists from 200 institutions in 29 countries.  We are confident Professor Ong will represent the Consortium well during this exciting time as groups across the world begin constructing and turning on the prototype telescopes for the array. Congrats Rene!